Piracy as a Business Model?

As a follow up to the ‘Meme’ article, I thought I would post this wholly disturbing news revelation…according to the following article: http://pdnpulse.com/2011/05/time-to-quit-using-twitpic.htmlTime to Quit using TwitPic, apparently Piracy has become a business model.

I couldn't even steal this image free and clear

TwitPic has partnered with the World Entertainment News Network in an exclusive licensing deal where “…In short, if you upload your images to Twitpic, you are are agreeing to make them available for license without any promise of compensation, or control over how they might be used or distributed…For the record, Twitpic account holders retain ownership of their images. And WENN says that it is primarily interested in pictures uploaded by celebrities with Twitpic accounts, according to the Times story. But as the Times story notes, the Twitpic terms of service “do not distinguish between the rights of celebrity and non-celebrity users.”
This entire article deserves a good reading, and a follow up of how many other social networking tools (Facebook included) have such shady back door deals.
We chuckled at Gap’s attempt to get free ad work by posting a slimly veiled contest, we were slightly abhorred by that airline company secretly mining flickr for ad content, but this blatant handshake of bad idea meets worse seems like a slap in the face to any “non-celebrity user” who sincerely would like to share an idea with the world without having it usurped by an entertainment news conglomerate.
So much for the ownership of our “Generation Hack”, or “The FB Gen”; not only are major corporations stealing our tax dollars, our own hard earned cash, the privileges of ‘personhood’ while seducing us to ‘Like’ them, but they are also co-opting our right to steal(share) shit too! WTF!!!!
Well, there is a bright side to everything…if you are pining real hard to get ‘out there’, just post all your images on TwitPic, some company is bound to pick it up..your name won’t be attached to it, and you probably won’t get paid-but at least you’ll know deep down in your heart that you made the cut.

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