And The Show Goes On Pt2: A Closer look with Jessica Jack

Jessica Jack-14

For the next installment of the spotlight on the 3rd Annual Marion Courtroom Art and Music Festival, we had a talk with Artist and Interior Designer, Jessica Jack who will be featuring her hand-made clocks among other hand-made designs.

Jessica Jack

So you think being  ‘Green’ in the art world is dead?…NO.!..Recycled art has just gotten divorced from its crunchy hippy spouse and re-married a new,  suave, hipper scene called DIY and Jessica Jack’s artwork is now the equivalent of  ‘The Jones'” and its about time we keep up with what she’s up to because it is such a new, simplified,  innovative and sophisticated approach to using the materials around you, it would even make the Swedes jealous.

It all started by being a lazy environmentalist trying to clean house, Jess says, “the idea came about for them one year when I was trying to think of a crafty gift for my sister using things that I already had. I had a huge dusty collection of vinyl in the basement that I never played and stacks of magazines waiting to be recycled. Looking back on my first clock it was rough but I loved it and was asked to do another and over time I have tweaked my method and began experimenting with color and shape and each one ends up a little different.”

Not only is it a new way to display a killer record collection, or if a certain record has more sentimental value than aural, the color scheme and size can be tailored specifically to each emotion attached to the album itself.

Jessica’s day job is as an Interior Designer and we all know in this economy, the lightness of our pocketbooks can outweigh the aesthetic value of designer items. Even pieces from an ‘outlet design’ company such as Ikea are not as affordable or as  ‘special’ as we’d all like to think.  Jessica has embraced this new trend of thrift and uses her education and skill set to furnish her and others’ abodes with the utmost of sophistication and the extra added value of being a ‘one of a kind’ piece.

Here are some new projects Jessica Jack has been working on.  Stay tuned to what Jess is up to because you are likely to see her work in a house on your block, while you stare it down with jealous eyes, thinking about how much you just paid for that other designer piece when you could have had something similar in style, purchased locally, hand-made, and way cheaper.  Support your local DIY scene. Its better for the community, the economy and its better for your own personal style… trust me on this one( I, myself, have got an order in for a gold-plated Chaka Khan album clock but shhh!, it’s a gift for someone special).

New Pendant Light Design Using Common Household Items-(We can't give away her secret)

Jessica will have her designs available this Sunday the 25th of September at the 3rd Annual Marion Courtroom Art and Music Festival.  You can also stay updated with Jessica’s work on her Facebook Artists Page :Upcycled Art by Jessica Jack. On her page, Jessica is gracious enough to show a bit of her process so you ambitious folks can take a crack at it yourselves.  Isnt that the point of DIY anyway?… it is about taking back a skill or product that has been usurped by big business, enhancing it with a more personal touch, and sharing it with your fellow people. Viva La DIY Scene!

Stay tuned for more artists spotlights this week.  The Discerning Eye will also have a table at this event giving away information and raising funds by selling pose-able mannequins.  We will also be taking donations.

Thank you for reading The Discerning Eye Presents: Mouthpiece at and thank you for your continued support.

Photography by Mercy Me Photography

All artwork is copywritten by its respective owners.

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